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15 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is coming. What gifts do you prepare for your kids? I think picture books about Valentine’Day is a good idea to share and feel love. (Here are more reading benefits for kids) Read these books with your kids and they will definitely enjoy.

If You’ll Be My Valentine

It’s about a boy’s loving wishes to all the family members. Its rhymic poems and adorable illustrations will be sure to attract young readers. It’s fun to read aloud with kids to celebrate the romantic holiday.

Love, Ruby Valentine

Ruby, a Valentine’s fan, is crazy about Valentine’s Day. In the holiday mood, she prepares it ahead of time. However, accidentally she sleeps through the big day, missing it. What’ll Ruby do next? Read it with your Valentine’s fan and try to get the love message— every day is the perfect day to say “ I love you”.

The Valentine Bears

Hibernating through the winter, Mr. and Mrs. Bear never have the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But on this Feb.14,  Mrs. Bear sets an alarm clock…… How do they spend the special day together? Share the story with kids and feel the true love of these two bears.

10 Valentine Friends

It’s a simple counting book on Valentine’s Day. In this book, the ten friends are eager to make perfect Valentine cards for their friends. It’s such a fun way to learn counting and the special day. Count with your kids and try to get how many cards are there in this book.

Peppa Pig and the I Love You Game

My kid enjoys the TV show of Peppa Pig. This book is one of his favorites. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, on Feb.14 Peppa’s family plays a “ I love you game”. What’s the special game is about? Read this book to your kids and try to get the answer.

Mouse’s First Valentine

The two cute little mice in this book are really fascinating. They tell us about the genuine love between siblings. Besides you can introduce Valentine’s card-making to your kids with this book.

Why? Because I love you!

“Why do I have to wear a hat?” As a parent, you may come across this kind of question with your kids. What’s your answer? In this book, you can get the best one, that is, “Because I love you.” Follow little Dup’s adventure and feel the warm love between child and parent.

Plant a Kiss

What do we usually plant? A tree, a flower or some other things. This time, the little girl plants a kiss. What will she get in the end? Read the cute tale about hope, kindness and sharing to explore the surprise the book gives us.

The Biggest Kiss

This is a perfect book for younger children. Its rhyming text and stunning illustration make it an adorable bed story. Whenever I read it to my kid, he will create kissing noises. We can’t help laughing about it. You can add it to your must-read list on Valentine’s Day.

Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar

If you have ever read the counting book Very Hungry Caterpillar, you must be amazed by its beautiful and vibrant illustrations. In this Valentine’s Day, you can’t miss this book because this book is the typical Eric Carle’s artwork. Read it with your younger ones to join the celebration of this special day.

My Fuzzy Valentine

On Valentine’s Day, Elmo receives an unsigned Valentine. Who’s the sender? Elmo begins his exploration in sesame street to find out the mysterious sender. Read this touch-and-feel board book to your kids and try to figure out the sender.

Love Monster

In Cutesville, the only monster is looking for a friend. He looks everywhere but fails. When he’s about to give up, another monster appears. On this Valentine’s Day, the cute story will send us the love message “love will appear at the most unexpected moment.”

Too Many Valentines

If you are the fan of the Robin Hill School series, you can’t miss this book. Neil thinks Valentines are silly. However, when he doesn’t receive any Valentines at school, he feels left out. I think the most important thing in this book is to tell your kids that other kids also encounter problems in their life.

Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool

One of the great books of Pete the Cat series about Valentine’s Day. At first, Pete isn’t into the holiday. After his friend Callie explains the special meaning of the holiday, he changes his mind and decides to make Valentines to all his friends. The colorful illustrations, stickers, and cards included in this book are great attractions for kids.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

This is also another good read on Valentine’s Day. A little mouse makes Valentine cards for all his beloved friends to celebrate the holiday. Each Valentine card shows why he loves each friend for their specialty to him. I think your kids will fall in love with it.

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