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6 Reasons You Should Read to Older Children

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87% of children like reading-aloud time, which will not change over time. However, many parents stop reading to their kids after they can read by themselves. In fact, reading-aloud time can create a close bond among family members and bring some significant benefits to our kids, especially to those independent readers. Let’s explore them.

1.Master more vocabulary

The language in books is richer and more complicated than that in daily conversation, and some are difficult for kids to understand even they can read. While reading to them, you can explain these words— helping kids understand words in context is much easier. Knowing the words’ meaning, they will use them in life. More reading to kids, more vocabulary they master.

2.Instill life lessons

Have you ever encountered such an embarrassing moment, when your kids turn a deaf ear to what you’ve said? As they are approaching to their teens, you may get such experience more. Actually, it is a good thing: a sign of growth. However, as parents, we still need to instill them some life lessons in a better way, reading. After reading, you can discuss issues alike in books with them frankly. In this way, they may think they are not an isolated one, as their problems are mentioned in books. They may also feel your genuine love for them, instead of going in one ear and out the other to your words.

3.Enlarge reading material

In 1984, Dr. Thomas G. Sticht put, “ A child’s reading level doesn’t catch up to his listening level until the eighth grade. ” It means before their eighth grade, they can enjoy a book with more complicated plot than they can read themselves.
When you read to them, you can choose books at a higher grade level.
Your reading provides them opportunities to comprehend books with more complex plot and get to know more new authors, genres, text, etc. This can be a good preparation for them to read chapter books.

4.Develop reading fluency

As we known, kids must first hear and understand how to read a language.
Your fluent reading can not only help kids understand stories better, but also set a model for your kids for reading.
As you read, you are modeling what fluent reading sounds like to your kids. They may transfer these experience to their own reading and they are likely to practice reading every now and then.
Imagine that when they are called on to read aloud in class, they can be comfortable with the reading. It is your reading that contributes to their wonderful performance.
This is surely the most powerful way to help them become fluent readers.

5.Encourage life-long reading

Statistics show that as kids grow older, they read less. Even worse, they may give up reading.

image by scholastic

How to solve the problem?
Set aside time daily for your kids to read.
Your action plays such an important role in cultivating their love of reading.
Among children who are frequent readers, 57% of parents set aside time each day for their child to read, compared to 16% of parents of children who are infrequent readers.
Read to them now and stick to it, you will get a life-long reader.

6.Enjoy happy family time

Both parents and kids have too much screen time these days. Instead of watching TV or suffering online, why not read with your kids to spend time together?
‘Shared words have power, an energy that you can’t get from TV, radio, or online.”(Jessica Lahey) Reading to your kids will help you enjoy a happy family time together.

The benefits of reading to older kids are too numerous to mention. On holidays, you can find some new books that capture your kids’ curiosity and imagination to read with them. You and your kids must experience a meaningful vacation. Let’s read from now on!


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