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8 Dinosaur Picture Books for Young Dino-fans

by | Books

Dinosaur is a popular topic among kids. There’s no exception for my 4-year-old dinosaur-fan. He likes roaring around like a little dinosaur, asking endless questions about the topic.

If you have a dinosaur lover, add these 9 picture books to your dinosaur theme. You and your young readers will be sure to enjoy.

by Molly Idle

Tea Rex

It is such a fun, hilarious read that my son begs for reading over and over. The two siblings in the story are planning a special tea party for a huge roaring T-Rex. As a carnivorous beast, does Mr. T-Rex, the guest, can help himself? Does everyone have a good time? Read it and see!

by Catherine D. Hughes

Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

This book serves as an ideal read for young dinosaur fans. The catch is that you can find everything you ever expected to know about dinosaurs in this book. Moreover, the suggested activities on the tip page provide ways for parents and teachers to extend the learning experience. Read and explore the prehistoric creatures with your young readers.

by Henrietta Stickland

Dinosaur Roar!

This is a nice book to introduce opposite, adjectives, and dinosaurs. Its beautiful illustrations marry with rhymes in such a good way. Read with your young readers and get them to repeat after you. They will enjoy the art and be more engaged in the story.

by Byron Barton

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

In this book, you will find dinosaurs of all shapes, sizes, and characteristics. As its word choice is simple, it serves as an appropriate read for beginning readers. Get into it and enjoy its colorful and vivid illustrations with your kids.

by Syd Hoff

Danny and the Dinosaur

One day Danny visits a museum to see a dinosaur display. A dinosaur comes alive and asks Danny to play with him. Then, the two friends spend the day together to go through their adventures in the town. Read and explore their one-day journey.

by Penny Dale

Dinosaur Rocket!

It is a good read for fans of both dinosaurs and space. Did you ever imagine the prehistoric creatures in their spacesuits are zooming across the face of the moon? In the story, they are preparing for the space travel to explore the moon. Colorful illustrations and repetitive text will delight the young fans.

by Bernard Most

If the Dinosaurs Came Back

What would the world be like if dinosaurs come back to life? Are they helpers or destroyers to human? This book will answer these questions and nurture your imaginations. Brightly colored dinosaurs standing out against black and white detailed background can also excite readers.

by Bernard Most

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

This funny book is about how the dinosaurs got extinct. How? A meteorite? No, it is a fight for underpants. Funny and astonishing, isn’t it? Read and travel to the past. Its vibrant illustrations and rhymed sentences will also entertain your young readers.



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