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9 Picture Books that Encourage Kindness

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All of us want to raise a kind kid. Sometimes, words are empty air and we need to show them how to be kind and what it looks like.

Last month, I read Be Kind to my kid and found he has learned to show kindness to others.

It inspires me to collect these picture books of kindness here to share with you. All of these books convey kind messages and offer practical examples for kids to follow.

Dr. The Big Umbrella

On a rainy day, a red umbrella is taken out of room to shelter people in need. No matter who you are, you can get help from the big, friendly umbrella. With more and more people coming underneath the magic umbrella, it spreads bigger and bigger. Will there be enough room for everyone? The big umbrella will tell you the answer.

You Are Friendly 

How to be friendly? Share a snack, offer to help, be polite,… Accompanied by the beautiful illustration, this lovely board book shares with kids the important message on how to show kindness to others and how to be a friend.

Enemy Pie

A little boy thinks his new neighbor Jeremy Ross is his number one enemy and tells his father about him. Surprisingly, his father decides to bake an enemy pie to get rid of the enemy. In order to make the enemy pie work, the little boy is told to spend a day with Jeremy Ross. Does he do as he is told? Does the pie work?

Hug Machine

Open your arms and hug everything in your sight— be a hug machine as the boy in the book. A hug is only a small act, but this lovely book tells us this small act can make a big difference to the world. Read it with your kids and enjoy the kind message.


Superworm is so kind and always helps other animals in need. One day, he was kidnaped. What will happen to him? Is there anyone helping him? Explore the adventure of the Superworm, feel the kindness and friendship, and enjoy its catchy rhyming lines.

Good People Everywhere

Sometimes we take a lot of things in our daily life for granted. Fortunately, this book reminds us of kindness from others and tells us good people are everywhere. After reading, you may ask yourself “what you’ll do to the world?”

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Treat others the way you want to be treated—I think, this is the kind message of this sweet book. It shares a wide range of acts of kindness, encourages kids to be a bucket filler and avoids being a bucket dipper.

The Kindness Quilt

I love the idea of this adorable book. It shows the concept of kindness in a simple way— creating a kindness quilt. No matter you are a parent or a teacher, I think you can encourage your kids or students to do this.

What Does it Mean to be Kind? t’s Not My Bear

Have you ever thought about this question on the cover? This book gives us the answer by many practical examples of showing kindness, which is easy to do in our daily lives. Read it and you can also raise a discussion about kindness with your kids or your students.


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  1. Leslie H

    I’m really happy I came across this blog. Thanks for the great book recommendations. My son and I always read a story before bed and I am always looking for something new and fun that hopefully teaches a good life lesson too. We recently read (more than once) a fantastic picture book called D-Pug in New York by author Janie Nugent that follows Michael and his adorable pug, Doug. The book focuses on their close friendships (with people and other dogs!) and the teamwork needed to make the best float for the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. I absolutely loved the illustrations and the story really focuses on participating in community events which I thought was unique and a great thing to talk to my son about. You can read more about the book and the series here:


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