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7 Wonderful Counting Books for Early Readers

by | Books

Good counting books can turn teaching numbers and counting in a fun way. They are more than presenting increasing numbers and illustrations. They can help kids develop number senses and numeracy skills which are fundamental for math learning.

These counting books for early readers listed below combine counting and reading together. They introduce the math concepts while drawing readers in, expanding vocabulary and sparking imaginations. With these books, teaching counting can be fun games. That’s why I choose them for my kid.

by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It is one of my preschool kid’s favorite counting books. It tells a story about a very hungry caterpillar eating its way through a lot of food and transforming into a beautiful butterfly in the end. With its beautiful illustrations and physical design, it teaches kids counting and the days of the week.

by Lois Ehlert 

Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On

This colorful counting book introduces a basic concept of counting to kindergarten students. Its vivid pictures and bright colors can help kids to learn to count, identify colors and shapes. Plus, young readers will enjoy rhymes on each page.

by Leo & Diane Dillon

Mother Goose Numbers on the Loose

It is a classic Mother Goose rhymes integrated with the concept of counting. In each page, there are familiar rhymes loved for generations and highlighted numbers in various colors. Read to your kids and it will invite them to join in the fun of rhyming and counting.

by Eric Carle

My Very First Book of Numbers

This split-page matching concept board book is designed for small children. With its pages split in half, kids can match a number on the top half of the book with the number of fruits on the bottom half. A great way to teach matching and counting, isn ’t it? It turns reading into a fun game.

by Peggy Rathmann

10 minutes till bedtime

A wonderful picture book, a countdown from ten, captures a little boy’s dreaded bedtime ritual. It’s an easy read for kids for its majority of the words are the same and the only difference is the number. The exquisitely detailed illustrations and minimal text make it such a great book for kids. Choose this book and I bet it will bring tons and tons of fun to your kids.

by Karen Katz

Counting Kisses

This great interactive book tells about the kisses a sleepy baby needs before bedtime. When you read, you can act out these actions on pages. It’s also a fun way to teach kids about counting with their body parts and calm down them before bedtime.

by Dr. Seuss

Ten Apples Up on Top

It is such a fascinating counting book. Readers are invited to count as long as the animal friends to compete to see who can balance most apples on their heads. Its nice colors and repeated rhymes will surely delight the eyes and ears of young readers and tickle their tongues.

If you are teaching or ready to teach your kids about numbers and counting, choose them! Share these books with your kids and explore the magic world of numbers in them.


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