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10 Best Board Books for Baby and Toddlers

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My son is a little book worm. We never have to remind him to engage in his reading. I think one of the reasons is that I read to him as early as he was born. Board books can bring a safe, simple and fun early reading experience to your baby. This list is my son’s favorite when he was a baby. It makes our read-aloud time really enjoyable and I hope it can also delight your little ones.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

We have a great number of collections on Dr. Seuss’s work. My son enjoys catchy alliterations and rhymes in his books a lot. There is no exception for this book. It makes learning the alphabet in such a fun and easy way. The colorful illustration will also catch your babies’ eyes.

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?

The cute book is about a baby bear’s journey to find his mother, in which different animals appear along the journey. In this book, beautiful illustration and repeating words will sure to delight your baby.

Dear Zoo

When my son was still a baby, he enjoyed picking up flaps on each page of this book to find different animals. The story tells about a little boy writing letters to a zoo for a pet. But he fails as none of them meets his requirements. Different characteristic of each animal is introduced in such a fun way.

I Love You Through and Through

This sweet simple book is one of my boy’s favorite when he was a baby. We used this book to play games with him. Whenever I read it to him, he will touch his ears, nose, toes or pretend to cry or laugh… Its round corners will be safe for little ones.

I Wish You More

There are 14 different wishes in this book. All of them convey the love message to kids— they are loved by others. It’s important for a little baby to know that. Moreover, its beautiful illustration and simple lines on each page match perfectly with each wish, which makes its content easy to understand by little ones.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA

This super simple book is appealing for little ones. “DADA” is repeated to help little baby to recite. Different sounds of animals will delight the ears of your little ones. Read it to your baby and share the humor in this book.

Mommies Say Shhh!

It’s a simple fun book for young ones with different animal noises and the beautiful scenery of the rural area. When my son was about one year old, I read it to him in read-aloud time. He really enjoyed the animal noises and tried to make these noises. It’s really fun.

Little Blue Truck

Animal sounds and truck noises are introduced in this book. Your little ones must enjoy these sounds. You can also play sound-matching game with this book. Meanwhile, this book tells us a great lesson—friendship and teamwork can help us overcome any difficulties.

That’s Not My Bear

It’s one of the sensory book “That’s not my” series for babies. Little ones can touch different textures in this book to develop their sensory. The repetitive lines will help little ones learn to read.

Vegetables in Underwear

As the title says, vegetables in this book wear underwear. It seems so silly, but in this way, little ones can make sense of these adjectives— big, small, clean, dirty, serious and funny. When my son was in his diaper, I read it to him. It brings him a lot of fun. You can’t miss it in your read-aloud time for your baby.


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