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10 Benefits of Reading with Kids You Should Know

by | Tips & Advice

With the joy of parenthood, various problems in parenting follow:

“My kids love screen time too much”.

“How to calm down my little monsters?”

“School test is C -”…..

How to grapple with these issues?


Daily reading benefits our kids in many aspects. I believe if you know them, you will stick to reading to your kids after busy work.

So, let’s get into them.

1. Improve language skills.

In daily conversation, vocabulary is limited. However, in reading, your kids are exposed to larger vocabularies with different topics, which can prepare themselves well into good communicators. The more words they know, the better they perform.

2. Broaden knowledge.

Kids are always curious about the world and like asking(It’s really a good thing.). Sometimes, their questions are difficult to answer. Just like “Mom, where am I from?” Then why not reading books with them to find out the answers?

Reading is also an activity opening doors of new worlds to them. The more books they read, the more knowledge they will get.

When I read the series of The Magic School Bus to my son, he began to care about the things around him, such as, man’s body, leaves, water, electricity, etc.

3. Exercise brain.

According to research while reading to kids from an early age, specific areas of brain can be affected. These areas of the brain play an important role in kids’ language development. An interactive reading style can raise a kid’s IQ by 6 points.

4. Improve imagination and creativity

Engaging in a book, kids will imagine the scene, plot, characters, and even make predictions about the future development of the story, which gives their minds new possibilities and new ideas.

Besides, when we read to our kids, their right side of brain are stimulated, thereby broadening their imagination.

5. Improve concentration.

As parents, we are worried about too much screen time may harm to our kids and make them difficult to concentrate.


Try to read books your kids are interested in. When absorbed in the stories, they will focus on the story for a long period of time. Sitting still and quietly, they are eager to know the story line.

With a sustained concentration, they can succeed in other tasks. It benefits to their later school life.

6. Improve test scores.

Although we cannot judge a kid’s intelligence and future success only by test scores, obviously we prefer a higher score to a lower one.

How to achieve a higher test score? You only need read to them.

Kids exposed to more reading will get better results at school. Reading can improve kids’ concentration, comprehension, and get more knowledge. All these can help to improve their test scores. Then try to read to your kids as early as possible.

7. Build empathy.

Absorbed in a story, a kid usually puts himself into the story and begins to imagine how he would feel in that situation, which enables them to understand others better and get along well with others.

8. Instill moral values.

Reading is a good way to instill moral values to your kids.

When you read heroic stories, your kids must be inspired by the heroes and try to be brave and full of courage. Rather than imparting them life lessons, they may take the heroes as their models and  behave themselves well.

9. Create a bond.

Spending time with your kids can bring a closer relationship.

Reading can give them the sense of intimacy and help them feel close to you. After a busy day at work, it is a good way to spend quality time with your kids. If families read together for 20minutes a day, they can get more than 121 hours of bonding time every year.

10. Build a life-long love of learn

Brian Tracy, a personal development coach and speaker, says The most successful people read an average of 2-3 hours per day. Your ability to expand your mind and strive for lifelong learning is critical to your success.’’ Therefore, instill a love of reading at an early age and life-long learning is sure to follow.

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